Updating the Electrics in your home

Have you noticed that your monthly light consumption has been increasing when in appearance; you have the same habits as some years ago? Have you complained because you get the receipt of light, more expensive, without “apparent” cause?. Are you sure that your installation is adequate for your current consumption needs?, because there may be the answer to your questions

The current economic situation should lead us to seek energy efficient solutions for our daily lives. However, what many people do not know is that a good part of the energy consumption happens in the form of waste, generally caused by the dissipation of heat from the conductors and leaks of an electrical installation. Pristine Build contractors

This waste happens mainly in badly dimensioned circuits, which go to work overloaded depending on the increase of electrical and electronic equipment from approved electrical contractors, the use of inappropriate materials and even, the purchase of pirated products.

An undersized circuit, that is, with a conductor gauge lower than necessary, or the use of products and equipment outside the norms, are the main factors that generate a waste of energy of up to 40%. Worse than that: they can cause serious accidents and fires.

The waste of energy is a problem that has two main causes: inefficiency of the processes, facilities and equipment and an irrational use of energy. Which occur due to poorly made arrangements, use of poor quality materials (conductors of second category, electrical materials made of ferrous metals bathed in copper or brass), imbalance of phases, overload in poorly sized circuits and transformers, among others.

It is important to note that in times of rationing, it is not enough just to install equipment that consumes little energy. If the electrical installation is overloaded, you will be wasting energy. For this reason it is necessary and important to have a vision that evaluates the real comparative advantages that an updated electrical installation will generate economy, security in the integrity of your family and your heritage.

Privileging a bad “saving” in the initial cost in an electrical installation with bad habits and actions is a false economy.

The Safe House ProgramĀ®, promotes the revision and update of the electrical installations of homes with more than 20 years. We have also mentioned that the diagnosis and maintenance of the installation is an investment in the short, medium and long term, which should not be seen as an unnecessary expenditure, however, what is the investment in a diagnosis?

Before starting, for the amount of investment in the diagnosis, it is important to remember the following concepts applied to electrical installations:

What is a diagnosis?

It is a document prepared by a certified electrician showing the status of your electrical installation and its recommendations that allows you to take repair or update actions.

What is an update?

Make the modifications to the electrical installation so that it adapts to current requirements of electric power and safety.

What are the benefits of the revision and update of the installation?

o Reduction of the risk of accidents due to electrical causes

o Decrease in the cost of maintenance

o Optimization of electric power consumption

o Adaptation of the installation to the current standard

o Increase in the value of the property

The diagnosis and updating of the electrical installation of the house should not be seen as an expense but as an investment. The investment made with a diagnosis and correction of the electrical installation provides returns in a very short time in the form of reduction of energy costs. These actions, generates an economy your pocket and guarantees the security of the facilities and patrimony of your family.

As responsible for the security of your home, you are a very important link for the safety and integrity of your family encourages among them also the need to review, and adapt their electrical installations.